Live From The Workbench

The SparkleWulf is done and his debut post will be on Wednesday!

I had thought he was finished before this, but then I took him into work and noticed some flaws… and yes, my coworkers only think I am slightly silly for having a purple wolf. (They already put up with my multi-colored horse magnets, so I figure they’d become comfortably numb.)

The custom order it pretty darned near finished prepping, so I should be starting the body color this week. Just have to check on which photo was the closest to reality. *makes notes*

I’ve also pushed the blue wolf and the tiger to the back of the desk so I could finish off the markings on the splash over pony– since I was working with the gesso anyway I figured I might as well. Now I just need to seal him and then paint the tail.

I have a bunch of horses that still require photos left, most of which are home herd. *pats the micros* I joined this nifty new Facebook group (Custom Micro Minis) and it’s really made my micro muses snap to attention.

Plus I found my old micro box body while cleaning and suddenly my body herd has tripled! MWahahaha! 😀

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