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After miserably failing both Camp NaNoWriMos this year, I’ve decided that I need to put a smidge more effort into this whole ‘writing thing’. (There’s nothing quite so embarrassing as having someone ask what you write and then have to try and explain all ninety-seven half-formed universes you keep in a metaphorical shoebox for a rainy day.)

So I printed out a combined draft of The Wolves We Are, punched some holes, and dumped it in a green editing folder. I figure working on it a little each night should get me a nice polished copy by the end of the month.

I picked TWWA as the first project since a) it’s finished b) I haven’t read it in a while and c) I need something new for the free eBook shelf. I’m not 100% sure what the next project will be, but I’m leaning towards finish Three Tequila, Floor instead of moving on to Paper Wolves. *ponders*

And I need a much better cover for the eBook…. yikes! >.<;;

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