Of Holidays and Warcraft

Who knew dancing deer were so combustible!

I may have stopped posting, but I’ve been getting a lot better about getting on the treadmill and playing WoW on a daily basis. Which means not only are the stepcounts going up, but so are my achievements!

Sadly, I still would have forgotten about the Midsummer Fire Festival yet again if I hadn’t run into one of the tents while chasing down the old world daily cooking/fishing quests.

Even after way too many years playing I hadn’t done a single one of the achievements for this World Event, which I vaguely remember stemmed from frustration with the torch catching daily.

Thankfully I’m much more stubborn this time around, so I’ve been slowly grinding down the checklist.

I even gathered my tiny amount of kitteh courage and did the holiday boss! It took two wipes with two different randoms before I finally got that checked off the list– but my DPS was only a little below the average and I have worse gear, so I’m counting it a win. (We’ll ignore the fact I also came in below the PvP-geared tank *sighs*)

I still have quite a bit of the ‘fly here, now fly here, wait fly over there too!’ checklist to complete, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to check off everything… except maybe the King of the Fire Festival. *ponders*

Up, up and away!

Scenery Long Ashella Hearthstone Mountains

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