July Camp NaNoWriMo : Five Things

It’s time to start ramping up for Camp NaNoWriMo again and this time I’m trying something different!

I’ve embraced the fact that I won’t be making 1,667 words a day, or even 1,000 so I’m started with the less impressive goal of 15,000. Which seems small now, but will hopefully give me six 5k-ish stories that are interconnected into one overall story arc.

Based on the fan fiction trope of “Five Times X Happened, and the One Time It Didn’t“, Five Times is a series of six stories about falling in love. Chosen soley because I’ve never written a romance story on purpose (although The Rabbit Who Ate the Moon comes awfully darned close).

I will be posting updates to the blog, but I’m torn on if I should post the WiPs as well. I only have a rough idea of what each of the six stories will be, but I haven’t outline at all beyond that. I’m pantsing this one and I’m pantsing hard. *heroic pose*

So tomorrow I’ll be starting with a Tinker who was lost at sea and working my way down through the generations of romance tropes to end with something a bit different.

I’ve titled the project Five Times and the official page is here:

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