Saturday Story Prompts [2013.04.20]

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1. I wish she could see me now, but time only runs one way at the edges of the universe.

2. For a moment the ocean teams with life, bright silver flashes of fish skim just below the surface, stretching from horizon to horizon punctuated by the ark of breaching predators.

3. It’s easier to find familiars for single elements than dual, but it can be done. Private breeders who specialize in the craft make a tidy profit off the incoming classes. But I have three elements, not two, and that means my familiar will be built, not bred.

4. There were no clouds where she grew up and she spent the first week of the monsoon sedated.

5. The world is nothing but bugs– a single phylum that dominates the biosphere. Thankfully they see humans as neither predator nor prey and then scientists are very very careful not to change their minds.


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I wish she could see me now, but time only runs one way at the edges of the universe. Saturday Story Prompt. April 20, 2013
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