Live From the Workbench

Live From the Workbench 04-26-13

I meant to have this posted this yesterday, but allergies an general omg-why-is-it-not-friday-yet kept be from being particularly productive.

But belated or not, it’s time to post some ponies!

Or, more accurately, a photo of the workbench and a sum-up of what’s going on. Now that the light table is put away I’m having problems figuring out the best arrangement that isn’t too dark. *pokes camera*

Click to embiggen!

Almost Done

G1 Custom Order – needs sealer, photos, and final approval from owner
Hartland Custom Order – Is finally prepped (those seams were a bear!) and is going under the paintbrush tonight

Waiting for Photos

Orange Andy – still having color issues
Purple Doodle – his doodles have now faded to the point where you can’t see them easily, so he’s a Home Herd horse until I figure out how to fix him
Micro Mini foal – so tiny it’s impossible to get non-blurry photos of him. Rrrr
Metallic tiger foal – will post tonight, I forgot I had already gotten good photos (sighs)

In the Works

Big Orange Bash donation – has been roughed out (I’ll scan in the drawings later) and is heading onto the bench this weekend
My Little Pony – waiting on me to figure out what color for the main and tail
Splash Shetland – needs more work on the body color, maybe done this weekend
Yellow foal – no idea what I’m doing yet other than the yellow
Black and red ASB – Going under the doodle markers this weekend
Black pony – is Poptop who was trying to get new photos that aren’t so washed out (darnit)
Yellow-orange Micro – still fighting on what frame overo pattern it wants
Green tobi – Focus problems plauge this little guy as well. *grumps*
Littlebit – all it needs is touchups to make the white markings more realistic, but has been backburnered
Red micro – no clue what I’m going to do with this one, maybe a blanket appy?
Running micro – base is made, just need to be prepped and paints (just! heh)
Sculpy Heads – are just something I’m playing around with…

And that’s it for now! I’m going to be opening up some customer slots in June, when I’m expecting things to settle down a bit.

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