Saturday Story Prompts [2013.03.02]

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1. Dragons find mates by mind rather than might; the most powerful riddlers are the ones who win the day.

2. “I waited for you,” he objected.

“I’d rather you had been out living instead.”

3. Flowering vines cascade from the archways, brushing against their heads as they pass below. The gardens are an extravagance of wealth and he wonders what would happen if he plucked one.

4. If you boil it down to absolutes: only the weak die young.

5. They’ve spent her whole life lecturing her about her responsibility to the crown, but the castle’s an empty ruin and there’s no one left to serve.


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I waited for you, he objected. I'd rather you had been out living instead. Saturday Story Prompt. March 2, 2013
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