Slowroad’s Silver (Custom Breyer Mini Whinnie Jog Trot Quarter Horse Mare)

Slowroad's Silver - Custom Breyer Mini Whinnie Jog Trot Quarter Horse Mare - Martha Bechtel - Left

Silver is a Breyer Mini Whinnie Jog Trot Quarter Horse Mare painted a silver bay with one white sock and a small snip. Her seams and logo have been removed, but her hooves and ears have not been carved.

This little gal has been a long time coming… as in almost a year’s wait. Which is pretty sad considering she was an apology horse painted because of shipping problems with one of the stablemates. *sighs*

But while Silver may have a taken a long time to make it off the workbench, she’s one heck of a horse!

She’s done mostly in pastels (you can see the in-progress pics here) with white markings added after the fact. She’s got realistic tri-colored eyes and a depth of shading that’s annoyingly hard to pick up in photos (the glowing white mane and tail don’t help either :p )

She has had her logo and seams removed, but no other changes have been made to the mold.

The Jog Trot mold is roughly 2.25 inches long, 1.25 inches high, and a half-inch wide. With the base, this gal is a little closer to an inch wide but is otherwise mostly the same. Breyer claims they’re all 1:64 scale, but Mini Whinnies molds tend to vary a lot in relative size.

I’m not 100% sure when I started painting her, but she was finished in February 2013 and I can’t find photos earlier than September 2012.

Medium: Liquitex Artist Color Acrylics (Gesso, Mars Black, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Oxide, Light Portrait Pink) and Sargent Art Chalk Pastels (Earthtone)

Martha Bechtel

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