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So Long, and Thanks for all the Fics!

I’ve decided to close down The Unforgotten Country website this weekend and move all of the fics over to AO3 (Archive Of Our Own).

I’ve been maintaining my own archive just in case the other locations disappeared, but I realized I’m thinking in terms of the personal hubsites folks used to keep (ah C-FAN, how I miss thee!) and not the current businesses that run the archives.

All of the fics already exist on my LiveJournal and DreamWidth accounts and since I never finished TUC, it seems a little silly to just let it sit half-built.

New Fics

New fics, if I ever start writing again, will be posted to AO3 as well as LJ, DW, and other assorted fandom-specific archives. (I think the last time I was at Wraithbait was three years ago… o_O;;)

WiP Fics

Unfinished fics will remain unfinished, at least in their current format… I’ll be filing off the serial numbers where I can and finishing them as original fiction. I really want to start building up the stories around my own ‘verses instead of someone else’s.

Plus most of my stuff ends up slightly AU *pats Imaginary Gate Team 5 and The Secret Lives of Superheroes* or horribly AU *eyes Hushed and White With Snow and Where The Ocean Meets The Sky*. So I might as well just pick it up and run with it.

I might not be writing the next big Twilight or Harry Potter fanfic gone legit, but it seems unfair to leave the poor stories floundering.


So, erm, yes– TUC is going away, AO3 is getting setup, and old fanfiction will be showing up here under assumed identifies. *looks shifty*

(We’ll ignore the fact that Imaginary Gate Team 5 has already snuck into several of the ‘verses. I think I’m just going to make them a running gag and 😉 )

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