Donation to Pimped Rides Live (Part I)

Pimped Rides Live Donation Test Color (Flash)

It’s a new year and new model horse show donation season! *grin*

The first donation of the year is going to Pimped Rides Live being held in Knoxville, TN on 2/23/2013. (Facebook Event)

I spent most of New Year’s Eve mulling the idea over, while working on the rest of the herd. I wanted to do something shiny and eye-catching, but since I already did a copper-gold custom for Sweet Onion Live last year, I wanted to branch out a bit.

For a moment I did consider going multimedia and doing my best impression of Shauna (of Epic Fail Studios), but alas– my courage failed me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I grabbed the other metallics and started playing around… But I am getting a little wiser as I get older, so I decided to test out the color idea on a magnet horse first.

Pimped Rides Live Donation Test Color (No Flash)

It took a while to figure out the layering I needed to get the colors to blend correctly. I wanted to mimic a dark bay as well as hints of the gorgeous Raku horses of the Lakeshore Collection. (One of my dream goals is to own one of these guys. *drool*)

I ran the color and my idea for doing it on the G3 Andalusian mold (with a good splash of Tobiano chrome) past the show holder and she gave me the go ahead– which means more photos this weekend!

I’m also learning the new camera and although the photos above aren’t the best, I think I should be able to list the other finished customs to Etsy this weekend. *crosses fingers*

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