De-fandoming The Short End of Forever

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I rolled this Stargate Atlantis AU for tonight’s Random Roll writing– and realized I need to file off the serial numbers before I can write anything. So this worldbuilding will have to do in place of a drabble, sorry all!

Here’s a link to the existing fanfic over on an Archive Of Our Own (AO3). As you can see it’s a series of ten drabbles that tell the story of a group of friends separated by accident and kept apart by war and distance.

So, first step, find a way to isolate a small group of scientists and military in a similar setting to Atlantis.

You Can’t Get There From Here

Let’s say this other galaxy is being overrun by whatever it is that we’ll substitute for Wraith. Their version of SG-1 goes hunting for an analog of Atlantis and end up on Earth instead.

They start out asking for help and end up threatening to blow up the sun if the Earth doesn’t just let them go home again. Because lo, humanity is not a helpful place.

Oddly, there are still people sympathetic with them and a group is allowed to go with the aliens when they go home again. Because of the nature of the transport, Earth will have a one-way ticket to their galaxy, but one they can use at any time.

All gates are one-way and the receiving gate for Earth has already been disabled to allow communications only.

Once on the other side the folks from Earth are assimilated into the alien military, although they are allowed their own base of operations and are allowed some measure of self-governing. They proceed to do the same sort of missions SG:A does for the same sort of reasons.

Team Building Exercises

As much as I’m tempted to slot in Imaginary Gate Team 5, I think I’ll sneak them in as background cameos. Which means we need a John, Rodney, Ronon, and Teyla. *pokes fictives*

John (Meaning: God is gracious) -> Joshua aka Josh (Meaning: God rescues)
Rodney (Meaning: Renown island) -> Pitney aka Pi (Meaning: Island of the stubborn one)
Teyla (not a real name) -> Dyani (alien military diplomatic advisor attached to team)
Ronon (not a real name) -> Nonn (part of a local resistance force that was assimilated into the team)

Josh and Pi have know each other for a long time prior to stepping through the wormhole and the faux-gate team has been together three years prior to the events of the story.

So, erm, yes… this means I need to write some establishing drabbles/flashfic, look over the old fanfics and see what can be rolled over. *pokes piles*

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