De-fandoming The Short End of Forever

I rolled this Stargate Atlantis AU for tonight’s Random Roll writing– and realized I need to file off the serial numbers before I can write anything. So this worldbuilding will have to do in place of a drabble, sorry all!

Here’s a link to the existing fanfic over on an Archive Of Our Own (AO3). As you can see it’s a series of ten drabbles that tell the story of a group of friends separated by accident and kept apart by war and distance.

So, first step, find a way to isolate a small group of scientists and military in a similar setting to Atlantis. (more…)

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Live From The Workbench

Thanks to the attack of a killer migraine over the weekend I didn’t get anywhere near as much done as I hoped, so here’s the current line-up on the workbench (as of five minutes ago).

I’m going to sit down and work on them right after I upload this, so hopefully I’ll be able to finally check some of them off my to-do list!

Right now I’m running about two weeks behind on the show donation and several months behind on the custom mini whinnie. *sighs*


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