Saturday Story Prompts (Plus Five)

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1. Just below the edges of the cliff, a massive green canopy stretches out to the horizon. It’s close, but not close enough to catch them safely if they fall.

2. “This is more a spring genocide than a spring cleaning,” he looked over the Donate and Trash piles with alarm. “Are you dying or moving?”

3. There’s a taxi driver in town who can tell your future, but it’s up to him to choose the fare.

4. HR badgers the designer into painting the new station’s walls in a polymer that can change color to match the whims of the crew. It’s supposed to raise morale, but ‘whims’ quickly turn into ‘inappropriate graffiti’ and the company hardcodes them all to beige.

5. Fate and destiny are myths, no matter what acolytes say, it’s luck, not burnt offerings that determine which life path you’ll walk when you open the door.


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053 Saturday Story Prompts 2012-12-31
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