Life After NaNoWriMo

There's a desk in here somewhere...
There’s a desk in here somewhere…

There’s always a bit of a creative slump after November– it’s hard getting 50,000 words on paper (even if some of those words amount to writer-induced gibberish.)

But slump or no slump, there are writing projects that need to get done. If I’ve learned anything from NaNo over the years it’s that when I start pushing things off till ‘tomorrow’ they never get done.

So. *rolls up sleeves* Here’s the breakdown of the current projects on the bench:

Format and eBook

Saturday Story Prompts 2012 – to post January 1st, 2013, $2.99
Saturday Story Prompts January 2011/2013 – to post ASAP, will just throw this one up as free since it would become free Jan 1st anyway.
Saturday Story Prompts July 2011/2013 – to post ASAP, ‘tip jar’ eBook $0.99
Saturday Story Prompts December 2011/2013 – to post ASAP, ‘tip jar’ eBook $0.99

Polish and Post

Three Tequila, Floor: Folklore and Fermentation

Finish Rough Draft

Silverwitch: Strengths of the Wolf

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