Talking Into the Void

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There’s an interesting guest post over on Rachelle Gardner’s blog about writers who are trapped in a sort of blogging purgatory where they talk about writing with other writers… and not their readers. It made me sit down and take a look at my blogging plans for next year and wonder if maybe I’m coming at them from the wrong angle.

If I was a reader, I’d be looking for something to read. Sure, it’s fun to read about the process and the plans– but I really just want to sink my teeth into a story (or a prompt).

So I think I’m revamping the 2013 storyboard from ‘learning how to be an eBook writer’ to ‘anthology of random fiction’. The eBook stuff can move over to Everyday Dragons, which is probably a better home, and the rest of the not-a-progress-report ramblings can shuffle off to View from the Molehill.

Which means this will be the last post that isn’t a story or update on a story. *pokes idea* In theory…

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