October 2012 Balance Sheet

October 2012

Another month without sales, but with two more eBooks finished, so it wasn’t a total wash. I need to sit down and get the rest of the monthly eBooks caught up and post some of the new horses to Etsy.

And win National Novel Wiriting Month of course. 😉

Actually the NaNoWriMo novel for this year is the rough draft of a novella that I’m hoping to serialize next year starting in January, so it a much more focused effort than past years. *pokes draft* I’ll be posting it as an eBook as well, so that folks can read it all at once if they’d rather.

Anywho, onto the carnage!

The Breakdown

Income : $0.00

Another wash of a month, but I’m hoping that things pick up enough to make this year a tad bit less of an epic failure.

On that note, a post on cutting costs for next year is already in the works…

Expenses : -$1.20

Only the expected reoccurring expenses this month, which is a silver lining. I’m looking at needing a smidge more art supplies next month, but I’m hoping to get at least a few more horses out of the spray sealer before it dies (and before it gets too cold to work with).

$1.20 Etsy Fees
$18.00 Model Horse Blab Yearly Subscription

Inventory : $0.00

Nothing new off the work bench, so less red but less potential profit as well. Artwork really is a ‘paint it and they might come’ adventure…

Taxes : $0.00

No taxes this month, but I got hit with a Business Equipment Tax that will be showing up next month. See rant here.

TOTAL : -$19.20

Year to Date

We’re solidly into the fourth quarter of 2012 and planning has begun in earnest for 2013. Most of this year is going to be chalked up to ‘things I will do better next year,’ so I’m taking some consolation in the fact that small businesses tend to be unprofitable for the first few years.

Here’s hoping things pick up soon! 🙂

$165.81 Income
-$364.90 Expenses
-$152.99 Inventory
-$30.00 Taxes
-$382.08 TOTAL

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