NaNoWriMo 2012 : Day 27

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At just under 30k words the first rough draft of Paper Wolves is done– it’s messy and still has holes, but fixing those is going to take more editing and rereading than I have time for in NaNo. Any words I add now are pretty much 100% guaranteed to be cut and I really wanted to be putting words on paper that are useful this year.

So I’ve played the rebel card and am working on other stories from within the same universe in a ‘this could totally be a short story collection book’ excuse.

Which has proved to be rather amusing– I’ve got stories about kidnapped kids, obedience trial shenanigans, and The Wolf Who Was Batman. *solemn nod* I still have about 12k left before I hit the 50k mark, so there will probably be a lot more short fiction on the drafting table by the time this is done.

Plus a wild side tangent into the life of Robert the Werewolf Bartender who helps fictives find their plot bunnies and Writer’s find their stories. It’s shades of The SubReality Cafe and it’s probably going to be a MuseFic standalone once I polish it up.

And as a bonus, I now have a dozen stories ideas that will probably make it into short story status come 2013. (Sadly almost none of them work in my existing universes, so, err, yay oneshots?)

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