Dragging My Paws to 90

11-28-12 World of Warcraft Ashella XP Info

As you can tell by the lack of a Ding post, I’m still dawdling my way to 90 on my main.

There’s something about reaching the level cap that seems unnervingly final. I know this time around there are plenty of things to do other than the dungeon grind that I got burnt out on in LK, but I’m still leery of ‘running out of things to do.’

(I’ll have to temporarily hang up my dual-boxing membership card in 2013 until finances get sorted out).

Which is silly– there are plenty of things to do, even if it comes down to just playing the auction house/farming market. But I’m still avoiding it…

For the moment I’ve stopped to farm Embersilk over in Tol Barad (where there are no Horde. Ever.) Once I have enough to level my tailoring to the point where I can, well, level my tailoring, then I’ll start looking at Enchanting.

And farming, and fishing, and first aid, and archaeology (which I’ve never touched), and pet battles, and… hmm, okay maybe there are plenty of things to do. Not counting dungeons. Or scenarios. Or faux-Fight Clubs, or PvP, or… ah heck with it, ONWARDS!

Scenery Long Ashella Rat Kisses

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