Taking the Slow Road (Level 87 and Counting)

Ashella Deer Travel Form Ding Level 87
Same Song, Second Verse

I knew I was going to be one of the last bloggers to 90, I’m too casual a gamer to get where I’m going quickly… but then last night I hit that magical place: Halfhill.

OMGWTFARMVILLE!!!! 😀 *runs around planting things*

Ahem, yes.

In theory I could change things up and level by cooking and farming (and having crazy amounts of fun), but I’m supposed to be doing quests darnit! …and not profession quests!

*sneaks off to level her Wok skills*

Ashella Li Li Clipping Issues Bad Follower No Biscuit
Bad Follower, No Biscuit!!

Things That Aren’t Farming

The quests in MoP have been insanely fun and I’ve spent a lot more time listening to the NPC conversations than I ever have before. Even given Li Li’s annoying habit of standing directly on top of what I’m trying to click, she’s been a hoot to listen to.

I love the Virmen and their attempts at farming– even if I’ve take a lot more rodent-based dirtnaps than is good for the ego.

I love the pretty pretty wildlife– even if it does try (rather successfully) to murdalize me on a regular basis.

I love the views and the architecture and the locals and, and, and– *hugs the whole darned continent*

So maybe it will take me a little longer to reach 90, but right now I’m really enjoying the ride! 😀

Scenery Long Ashella Tiger Yawn

Ooo and it looks like the Laid Back Raids are doing Naxx on the 21st! *happy dance*

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