Six Sentence Sunday

Slightly belated post for Six Sentence Sunday (was scheduled to post at 9am, but for some reason the autoposter hiccuped. :p)

From the never-ending WiP The Rabbit Who Ate the Moon. It’s soft science fiction and towards the end of the story. Rafiq and First are humans and Simple Grass and her pod are marine aliens (sort of a cross between a hippo and a turtle).

He says good-bye to Simple Grass as best he can, the slow shuffle and twist of water that doesn’t mean death and doesn’t mean journey, but is something close to we won’t meet again. She shifts in the water, with a long slow sound and rolls to see him with both sets of eyes.

And that, somehow, is what breaks him.

Not that he won’t be coming back, won’t see any of them again, but the fact that she thinks he’ll become a star, like Little Currents and Thoughtful Sleeper.

First says something, deep chuckling coughs and stamps and Simple Grass grunts, and rolls upright with a rumbling cough of bubbles. And it’s over.

Amusingly, most of the Six Sentence Sunday crowd seems to be romance authors… I wonder if I’ll be kicked out for having the wrong genre. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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