September 2012 Balance Sheet

September 2012

I finally got an eBook done! (And that seriously deserves a few dozen more exclamation points, but I’m trying to be good. … !!!)

But since it’s the first eBook, I threw it up with a coupon so that folks could download it for free until October, which will hopefully let me get any formatting errors straightened out. (I’ve got a post in the wings on that whole song and dance, but I’m still hammering out the flaws.)

Once again, I’ve ended up in the red, but I’ve still got time to reverse the bleeding…

The Breakdown

Income : $0.00

No sales for this month, alas.

Well nothing that counted at least, there were some sales of the eBook, but those turned out to be part of a stolen credit card mess that Smashwords was wading through. The positive balance was reverse out a few weeks after it appeared, but it was nice to look at while it was there! 😉

Expenses : -$25.78

Note to self: sort out which domain names are worth paying for and consolidate!

$0.80 Etsy Fees
$24.98 Bluehost (Domain Name)

Inventory : $0.00

Bækhesten actually came out of the January Body Box order, which is a sad rarity for this year. I seriously thought I’d have burned through those by now and had a whole second-half order planned out– live and learn!

Taxes : $0.00

And again, nada!

TOTAL : -$25.78

Year to Date

And lo, I fall a little further into the sea of red ink… but I’ve got sixteen horses in the Etsy store, an eBook over on Smashwords, and hopefully there will be more sales and horses and eBooks before the year is up!

And if all else fails, at least I have a better idea of what not to do next year! 😉

$165.81 Income
-$345.70 Expenses
-$152.99 Inventory
-$30.00 Taxes
-$362.88 TOTAL

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