Saturday Story Prompts [2012.10.27]

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1. Every time she died there was less of her to bring back.

2. “Ah, you mean the other dog,” she said, trailing off into an awkward pause.

“I’m neither blind nor stupid,” he snapped. “And the day I call that a dog–” he glared down at her terrier who returned the favor. “Where did you get the hound?”

3. Legends are the best of history, retold and embellished until they shine.

4. ‘Almost’ is as good as it gets in the jungle; they’ve got no time for perfection or second tries. In the end they lose almost a third to ‘almosts’, but they stay ahead of the advancing army and that’s all that matters.

5. The dim misty days are half the length of the nights and they learn quickly that the local fauna prefer the dark.


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Legends are the best of history, retold and embellished until they shine. Saturday Story Prompt. October 27, 2012
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