Saturday Story Prompts [2012.10.06]

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1. Alcohol smelled oddly sweet after the change and she lapped up the scotch offering with unnatural enthusiasm.

2. With that breach sea monsters are suddenly terrifyingly real and Brian is glued to his camera, broadcasting the impossible to the world.

3. By the time mankind makes it into space for keeps, Earth has been wiped clean of human predators. With instincts dulled by generations of protection, not every colony is as fast to exterminate the local dangers.

4. Diplomacy relies on carrots as well as sticks, so the state dinner had been carefully pulped and pureed– slurped up enthusiastically by their toothless guests.

5. The cloud dragons are slender things, held aloft by magic and not biology. Riding one consists mostly of not looking down.


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The cloud dragons are slender things, held aloft by magic and not biology.
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