Posting a WiP: NaNoWriMo + Blog = WIN?

As November starts to amble into view, I figured it was time to sit down and take another look at how I’ve been posting Work-in-Progress stories.

For previous NaNo’s I split out the daily writing by scene, but since I rarely write chronologically that meant 3-4 posts a day. Since I’d rather that the non-NaNo readers don’t flee in terror, I’ve been looking for a different way to sort this out.

After a few false starts the plan is to break Paper Wolves up into five Monday posts that match up to the planned Acts. Act V will be tiny, but I figure that’s where I can stash the worldbuilding notes. *pokes plot*

I’m trying to write the story in order this time, since I’ve got a solid outline, so in theory when each section posts it will be more or less complete. Hopefully a little easier to follow for those folks that want to read as I go– but not overwhelming for those that don’t.

At least that’s the plan… *rolls up sleeves and starts laying out the foundation work for November*


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