Live From the Workbench

Live From the Workbench 10-14-12

Been a long time since I posted an update! Some New Year’s Resolutions never go away I suppose… *resigned sigh*

Anywho, here’s the pile of the desk for today. I’ve gotten into the habit of working on the horses while playing in an online RPG that runs on Sundays, so I’m just getting everything into place for now.

Lots of horses on the table this time. Some of these guys you’ll recognize from older Workbench posts, but I’ve found things that need touching up and back to the bench they’ve come. (more…)

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Crafting eBooks: eReader Formatting Headaches Away!

What the heck Smashwords?!?

Well I thought I’d gotten the formatting right on the Saturday Story Prompts Collection : 2011.06 & 2013.06, but thanks to a review from Nickii I’ve realized I didn’t quite pull it off. (If you’re reading this Nickii, drop me an email and I’ll give you a free coupon for the next eBook in thanks! :D)

I followed the instructions that Smashwords provided in their Style Guide, but I must have overlooked something. As you can see by the example to the right the Meatgrinder (Smashword’s automatic format generator) seems to have gone a bit awry.

Thankfully I’ve been able to find a way to check most of the formats myself (links below)… (more…)

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