One Week + Ten Miles = One Level

Ashella Deer Travel Form Barrel Bug

It’s been one week (and +/-ten miles) since the pandas arrived out of the mists… and I love it! 😀

Of course the love has been relegated to the very first starting zone (I only dinged 86 yesterday), but I have taken 90kazillion screenshots so far and there are still plenty of places I want to come back to once I can fly.

The only real annoyance I have right now is the fact that quest mobs are either instaspawn or impossible to find. It’s odd to be playing in areas that other folks are in– I’m so used to low level alts on Fizzcrank and Shandris that I’d forgotten this was a MMORPG.

But small complaints aside– SO PRETTY! O_O

Ashella Cat Baby Dragons

I’m holding onto my vow to ‘get to 90 first, then worry about everything else’ by the skin of my teeth.

There’s so much to explore, so much to do, so many neglected professions to level… I’m this close to running off and abandoning leveling in favor of everything else. (KITTEH NEEDS FISH!)

No. Being good. Srsly. *dramatic Kitteh pose*

(So much love for the glyph that gives me random kitty colors!)

Ashella Mammoth Water
Houston, We Have a Problem…

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