NaNoWriMo 2012 : -9 Days

We’re down to single-digit days left in the countdown and I’m still scrambling to get my outline together. (And a cover image drawn!)

I’ve got index cards for every character, every group, every location, every item, and at least half of the plot-points made. I’ve got a rough idea of what the theme of the story is and how each event plays into it– plus an ending that feels ‘right’ although I need to keep an eye out for plotholes.

So in theory this last Plot-in on Saturday will help smooth everything out… assuming the kick-off party on Friday doesn’t fry what’s left of my braincells. 😉

How goes NaNo planning for the rest of y’all? 😀 *waves hullo to the folks wandering over from The Kelworth Files*

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