Laid Back Raids + Treadmill = FUN TIMEZ NAO!

Laid Back Raids 10-06-12
Laid Back Raids 10-06-12

I got lured into playing in the Laid Back Raid tonight even though I was going to sit this one out since I hadn’t had time to read up on the Sunwell.

Turns out old raids are a LOT easier than I had expected. (Doh!)

So once we cleared out The Sunwell I hopped back on the treadmill and we did Magtheridon’s Lair and then The Battle for Mount Hyjal and I had CRAZY AMOUNTS OF FUN, YO! *attempts to look hip…. fails*

Fail Kitteh aside, there is something primaly satisfying about mowing through low-level content. Rawr!

I seriously need to level a Horde so I can do this every week… *eyes her dual-priests* Hmm.

2 responses to “Laid Back Raids + Treadmill = FUN TIMEZ NAO!”

  1. Navimie Avatar

    Ooh glad you had fun!

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      I love running content for the sake of running content, so it was really a blast. Now I just want to go back and do those areas all over again so I can see all the bits I missed! 😀 (And maybe this time run the right way when the waves come in on Hyjal, lol.)

      Can’t wait to try this again! ^_^

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