Model Horse Sales Pages Listing Rotations: Take 3

I’ve decided to take another stab at getting the two month rotational listings up and running over at the Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P). Although I haven’t had much luck in the past in terms of traffic to the website and the Etsy store, I figure it can’t hurt to give it one more test.

As a counter-weight, I’m also going to be posting the horses to other locations so I can test the various venues. Right now I know I’m doing Model Horse Blab, but I’m testing out some other ideas as well. (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Yahoo Groups, etc.)

Da Plan

This time I’m going to avoid the daily/every-other-day monthly schedule in favor of M-W-F. Most of the traffic seems to happen during the week so avoiding the weekends shouldn’t cause much of a drop.

Mornings also seem to be a good time to post, so I’ll be putting things up before work. I’m going to try and keep and eye on how fast they get bumped off the first page and adjust my timing to match.

I’m also rewriting the posts to encourage folks to click through to the store, so we’ll see how it goes. *crosses fingers*

To battle! 😀

Week Monday Wendsday Friday
1 Doodlebug Midnight Rose Missed
2 Bækhesten Ha’penny Missed
3 Missed Partly Cloudy Missed
4 Mayflower Missed Missed
5 Missed Missed Sunnycide Up
6 Schneekatze D’Lembrança Gesundheit
7 Poptop Cloudburst Alamode
8 Newton’s Law Thingamapony Money to Burn
Next Rotation
Suicide Kings

Martha Bechtel

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