MH Copyright – Part I

MH Copyright 08-08-12 Left

How have I not done a post for this little guy yet? *eyes archives suspiciously*

Oh well, better late than never! πŸ™‚

This little guy is the pewter MH Copyright sculpted by Mandi Hickman back in 2000/2001-ish. He might look a little rough around the edges (okay, maybe a LOT rough), but he was pretty far ahead of the curve for his time.

This little guy is being painted as a trade for an unpainted Morsel resin, who is currently hanging out on my shelf waiting to see if I can pull this off. *cracks knuckles* To war!

Prep Work = Woo?

Pewter preps pretty easily with the same tools I use for the plastic, so thankfully there isn’t anything new I need to buy. But not needing new tools is a long way from an easy prepping job.

I think I went through four coats of gesso and paint before I finally got the worst of the flash and the bumps and divots sorted out. He’s still not where I’d like him, now that I have Maggie Bennett’s awesome pewters to compare him too– but I’m not that good a sculptor to fix the remaining flaws.

So time to paint! πŸ˜€

Coat of Many Layers

MH Copyright 08-22-2012 Left

He got a nice solid coat of acrylics in Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna with a touch of Yellow Oxide in places. I put down a heavier red base than normal, but I’m going to be using the pastels to bring him back up to a more golden red.

Using the contrasting colors brings out these nifty undertones when you pastel over them. *pats horse fondly*

Pastels used were, well, all of them from the Sargent Art Chalk Pastels (Earthtone) except for the darker colors and the deep orange. This guy has quite a mixed media heritage!

The Eyes Have It… Unfortunately

MH Copyright 09-18-2012 Front

A this point he’s had roughly ten layers of pastels and acrylic work to build him up from the red. His eyes are done and glossed, which brought out the worst of the problems in this mold.

One that I hadn’t realized was this bad until I started the detail work… *mutters*

This little guy has a VERY lopsided face.

If you embiggen the photo to the right you can see that the top of the left eye is almost on level with the bottom of the right eye. He looks fine from the side, but from the front– yeah, LSQ he is not.

So, time to get feedback from the trade-ee.

A Little Chrome Hides Many Sins

I think maybe with some white facial markings and careful positioning, the problem might not be as obvious on a table (he is rather little after all) and he does have a nice side view. Hmm. *ponders*

MH Copyright 09-18-2012 Right

Am thinking he might need to go minimal sabino? We shall see…

Worst case, I can pack the Morsel up and send him home again, but I really want to paint him now so I’m hoping not! πŸ˜‰ heh

MH Copyright 09-18-2012 Left

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