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Playing Diablo with friends has rekindled my desire to find a guild, or at least a strong cross-server social group, so I’ve been trying to find my golden ticket… without much luck.

I’m not a match for a raiding-centric guild, since I have 0.005% experience with raids (I helped down Onyxia once, long ago) and there’s no promise I’d ever get good at it. Plus I am woefully undergeared at the moment, and will probably continue to be so until well after MoP hits.

I’m not maxed out on any of my professions and I haven’t PvP’d in a while, so I don’t have that to bring to the table either.

I really want to join a guild that has some sort of vetting/application process, but I can’t really see anyone jumping on the chance to add a mostly-useless kitteh to their ranks.

(I’ve have bad luck with the ‘open admission’ guilds in the past–if you take anyone you get anyone… and tradechat =/= guildchat in my world.)

I just want people to talk to, run dungeons with, help out, goof around with, etc. and I’m officially stumped on the best course of action.

Any suggestions, oh mighty Internet Hivemind? Googling for ‘low-stress guilds that sometimes run dungeons and raids and aren’t full of people who act like asshats’ isn’t getting me much…

Martha Bechtel

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  1. tomeoftheancient

    I think you just described me, lol! I kind of gave up after a while. I did join some guilds that might have been nice but I found that in the hours I play there was me and maybe one level 16 on because he took a sick day. The grownups came out to play at night.

    Hope you find a nice fit, in the meantime Amateur Azerothian’s Laid Back Raids are fun and no raiding experience required, they haven’t kicked me out yet!

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