Black Chestnut Mini Whinnie – Part 1

Black Chestnut 09-24-2012 – Left

Okay, so this might be the only part… but since it’s a custom order I wanted to get feedback before I made a final post. (As always, click to embiggen!)

The reference photos were a little darker, so the new owner might want this little gal to turn out more black than brown, but I figured it was better to stop early and check. Going lighter is pretty darned near impossible with pastels. *pokes horse* I think she stopped at a nice color so we’ll see.

Anywho, onto the rest of the photos! 😀

Black Chestnut 09-24-2012 – Right Black Chestnut 09-24-2012 – Front Black Chestnut 09-24-2012 – Back

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