August 2012 Balance Sheet

August 2012

Finally another month in the black, woo! ๐Ÿ˜€

Of course it’s for a sale made last month (Little Miss Margins), but the payment took a long and winding route through the old USPS so things got a bit delayed.

Still, that’s yet another horse galloping off to new shelves and while I’m glad to see her go I’m so happy she’s found someone who loves her as much as I do! *pats her sales herd fondly*

The Breakdown

Income : $46.20

$46.20 Little Miss Margins

Expenses : -$7.11

$1.60 Etsy Fees
$5.51 Shipping: Little Miss Margins

Inventory : $0.00

Nothing new painted this month, mostly because I’m focusing on getting through the custom orders. I’m having a bit of trouble on those, so I think I’m really going to cut back on what (and how many) I offer next year.

Taxes : $0.00


TOTAL : $39.09

Year to Date

So far I’ve made it out of the red three months out of eight, but since the first few months had the highest money drains, it’s harder to make up the lost ground.

With luck I’ll have at least one prompt book out by the time National Novel Wiriting Month rolls around, so I should be able to pull in a little bit of income that way. Smashwords does have a minimum payout threshold ($10.00), so even if I make money– I may not make money. :p

Anywho, to battle!

$165.81 Income
-$319.92 Expenses
-$152.99 Inventory
-$30.00 Taxes
-$337.1 TOTAL

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