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This little guy was the epitome of a wild tangent– he was supposed to be a black splatterpaint roan, but took a took a sharp turn at the absurd right after I got the basecoat done.

Bækhesten is a customized Breyer Stablemate G3 Mustang in a pseduo-watercolor bay. He’s actually the only horse I’ve painted with this method… I don’t know if I could manage to pull it off again!


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Black Chestnut Mini Whinnie – Part 1

Black Chestnut 09-24-2012 – Left

Okay, so this might be the only part… but since it’s a custom order I wanted to get feedback before I made a final post. (As always, click to embiggen!)

The reference photos were a little darker, so the new owner might want this little gal to turn out more black than brown, but I figured it was better to stop early and check. Going lighter is pretty darned near impossible with pastels. *pokes horse* I think she stopped at a nice color so we’ll see.

Anywho, onto the rest of the photos! 😀 (more…)

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Friesian/Saddlebred Custom – Part V

Friesian 09-21-2012 Angle Right

The almost-last-round is upon us!

(Quick sum-up: Part I, Part II, and Part III, Part IV)

This time around we’ve got the second side of the horse, the hooves, and some detailing on the face to cover.

To some extent it’s ‘same song second verse’ as Part IV, but there is some new stuff (and tons of new photos) so read on dear reader! 😀

And as always, click the pics for a view MUCH larger than life-sized (remember this gal is only three inches high). (more…)

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Model Horse Sales Pages Listing Rotations: Take 3

I’ve decided to take another stab at getting the two month rotational listings up and running over at the Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P). Although I haven’t had much luck in the past in terms of traffic to the website and the Etsy store, I figure it can’t hurt to give it one more test.

As a counter-weight, I’m also going to be posting the horses to other locations so I can test the various venues. Right now I know I’m doing Model Horse Blab, but I’m testing out some other ideas as well. (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Yahoo Groups, etc.) (more…)

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