The Story of Unquiet Bones

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A while ago I decided to sit down and make a storyboard for each subblog, laying out the topics, posts, and ‘plot’ so that they’d tell a coherent story to readers. It took me a bit to really hash out what I wanted to do with UB, but I think I’ve finally figured it out.

Unquiet Bones is a writing blog (named after this song) and is by far the oldest of my blogs. I’ve been writing since I was old enough to grasp the concept that I could create my own stories and I’ve been posting writing online since 1994. Although Support Yer Local DreamWeaver ( is long gone, its legacy remains here and over at The Unforgotten Country (fan fiction).

But this blog isn’t about the writing itself, while those posts should get more frequent as I get into the habit of daily writing, new readers will be looking to the Online Stories and Novels page rather that the day-to-day blog posts.

Instead, this blog is really about the process of writing and e-publishing (although the business end of things will end up in Everyday Dragons). I want to focus in on the craft of slipping writing into everyday life without the drastic overkill that is my beloved National Novel Wiriting Month adventuring.

So the story of Unquiet Bones is sort of a Couch to 5k journey– how to move from someone who writes sporadically to someone who writes professionally. I’ve got 52 weeks roughly outlined and I’m going to be slowly putting things in place for the 2013 blog season.

It’s still a little odd looking at the blogs like books, but I had a much better idea now what I’m writing about and why.

Now I’ve just got to put pen to paper. *puts on her Srs Bsns hat* Onwards!

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