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The Editing Chainsaw

Storyboarding for Blogs?

Good blogs are predictable, readers know what kind of content to expect and generally when to expect it– even if that timeframe is ‘randomly.’

This blog is not a very good blog.

But as most things, it’s a work in progress, which means the sentence above is simply a current evaluation and not the toll of the death bell. (Valdemar references FTW.) (more…)

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July 2012 Balance Sheet

July 2012

July was a bit of a nothing month, mostly because of the fact that work was a little crazy and life outside work was a bit worse. I did get out the last of the show donations, so that’s one thing off my endless To-Do List.

As always, I need to start putting more time an energy into marketing (and getting the eBooks done), but I have a feeling that’s going to be the song and dance for this year.

Ah well, learning curves are rarely exponential, so back to the grind! 😉 (more…)

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