Gamers Game (or: Cat is 4 Fite!)

Neglected Main is Neglected
Neglected Main is Neglected

The time honored rallying cry of ‘Writers Write!’ seems apt at this point, so I’m hijacking it. *solemn nod*

I’ve fallen off the gaming treadmill, only figuratively thankfully, and it’s time to put my feet back on deck and Game On!

I’ve got a standing Diablo session from 8-9ish each work-night that gets me my HealthMiles and socializing. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve played regularly, so tonight’s my first night back in the shoes… will be interesting to see how much I’ve forgotten in the meantime.

To that I’m going to add a half-hour of WoW a bit earlier in the evening in order to give my feet time to recover– still not sure what I’m going to be doing, but I’ll figure that out as I go. Worst case scenario I’ll just putter around on my main until I hit 85.

I am totally not ready for MoP to drop, since it means relearning all of my classes (to one extent or the other), so sticking to my main for a bit does sound like a safe plan. Now I just have to find a guild to hang out with and I’ll be set…

Anyone need a really out of practice Feral 4 Fite? 😉

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