Farewell Paragon City

CoH Just Plain Bob
Just Plain Bob

It was announced today that City of Heroes and the entire Paragon Studios team is ceasing to exist come November 30th.

That game was my first real foray into MMORPGs and although I left it for WoW, it still stands out as a fond gaming memory.

I had (almost literally) one of everything… fire tanks, corruptors, healers, scrappers, and my favorite tiny bat-winged Mastermind. I played with SuperGroups, battled up to somewhere in the 40s and had a full stable of alts.

I loved playing in the costume designer, creating names and back-stories– the RP side of the MMORPG was alive and kicking and I loved it.

And now it’s gone. *sighs*

I hope I never, ever, have to live through this for WoW… (CoH was posting new content as of Aug 21st, so this closure came out of nowhere for the fans.)

Rollcall for the Lost

CoH Nightpony

Guardian : Knight of Clubs
Guardian : Minor Glitch
Guardian : Forest
Guardian : Steelwill
Guardian : Alowyn Myrr
Guardian : Clockwork Raven
Guardian : Vic Hailstrum
Guardian : Clockwork Sparrow
Guardian : Bell A’Donna
Guardian : Shish ka’Bob

CoH Clockwork Sparrow
Clockwork Sparrow

Victory : NightPony
Victory : Rockfish
Victory : Hound of Winter
Victory : Sister Knight
Victory : Passage
Victory : KaZap
Victory : Grove
Victory : Just Plain Bob
Victory : CallMe Tim

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