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The Editing Chainsaw

The Story of

The subblog (which is also overdue for a better name) is supposed to be all about the tweaks and tricks I’ve learned about designing and maintaining a WordPress blog.

It covers everything from basic analytics and visitor flow to the coding itself, pausing along the way to dip into posting schedules, color theory, UI and other design elements. For the moment I’ve been writing it retroactively, centering on changes I have already made or plug-ins that I’ve found useful.

So it was a bit of a mess when I sat down to storyboard things. (more…)

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The Story of Everyday Dragons

Everyday Dragons is the easiest subblog to storyboard for because it’s the only one where there’s a clear goal in sight– the development of a functional microbusiness with multiple income streams.

It covers accounting, Virginia & Federal taxes, marketing, product design, copyrighting, inventory tracking and management, product costing, and all sort of other fun stuff! (Fun to me at least. 😉 ) (more…)

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The Story of

This has been the hardest subblog to storyboard for so far, not because I have too little, but because I have too much. (aka SunRunner Stables) has been around for over a decade, but it’s focused on static content for the most part. The Custom Model Horse Gallery was the be-all and end-all of the website for a long time.

Now I’m trying to figure out what sort of ‘studio blog’ it should be… (more…)

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