Saturday Story Prompts [2012.07.14]

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1. Silence and dust are all that’s left of her childhood.

2. Every day is the same, from sunrise to sunset he repeats the same patterns until time starts to lose meaning, lost in the bland rhythms of captive life.

3. Demons look like mice, small skittering things that dash from shadow to shadow with high pitched howls that sound more like squeaky toys than hell hounds.

4. “You have a limited number of days in mortal lives,” the dragon shifted in his nest. “Why waste them here?”

5. Zoos aren’t new things, but these aren’t zoos, per se. Each exhibit is a window through time and space and the walkways are wrapped in translucent wormholes that allow visitors to look, but not touch. The further away, by distance or decades, the foggier the glass becomes.


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You have a limited number of days in mortal lives, the dragon shifted in his nest. Why waste them here? Saturday Story Prompt. July 14, 2012
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