Planning for August Camp NaNoWriMo

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I’ve decided to rebel again for Camp, only thing I’m rebelling by FINISHING old NaNos. Thus the walking wounded list below… (I’m leaving off The Gate to Fenrith Lei since that is my baby and I refuse to write gibberish just to get her done. *pats book fondly*)

The goal for August is to a) put what I have into a readable order on the website and b) finish filling in the gaps OR break it into short stories. Thus when I’m done I will have on more-or-less linear copy of each novel on the website in a reader-friendly format.

Or, you know, printable in a free CreateSpace book format… *innocent whistles*

What I’m Starting With

Behold the list of wins and losses! The closest of which to ‘actual first draft’ is from last year’s Camp, and even that has a lot of holes still.

I need to get proper current word counts for all of them, since I invariably trim the storybuilding/worldbuilding tangents off as soon as December 1st hits. *pokes proto-novels*

Some of these NaNos aren’t on the website at all for the moment, since they’re too scattered and chaotic to make heads or tails of. Some, like Dogs, are even still languishing in partially handwritten format.

So the first thing I need to do it make a list of what I have and what format it’s in. It would probably also help to resurrect the outlines for each book and try and figure out where it came off the rails (and if I can salvage it). *rolls up sleeves* To work!

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