Recovering from Camp NaNoWriMo (June)

As I’m sure you guessed from the lack of updates, I did indeed fall short of the 50,000 word finish line for Camp NaNoWriMo’s June session. I stopped just shy of 20k, which makes this a pretty average fail when compared to my past attempts. *pokes NaNo win/loss record*

I did, however, end up with decent rough drafts of The Ties That Bind, Inheritance, Chewtoys, Bringing Sarah Home, as well as a good handful of drabbles and short flash fiction. In terms of usable content, I did pretty well—unlike normal NaNo’s there’s nothing that I can immediate move into the Worldbuilding/MuseFic pile. (more…)

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June 2012 Balance Sheet

June 2012

Another month down, another horse sold! 😀

I’ve now broken into three digits for income for the year, not quite where I wanted to be halfway through the year, but better than last year. (Anything’s always better than nothing. 😉 )

Since I’ve reached the half-way mark for this year it’s time to start looking forward and planning out what to do with the next six months. I’m still drawing a blank on the eBook shelves and I’d love to be able to add those to the Income column! (more…)

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Live From the Workbench: Pre-Game Post

Let There Be Paint!

Thanks to a benevolent workplace, I am on vacation starting today at noon… and vacation means horses! (Well, horses and writing and Warcraft and a host of other things, but mostly horses.)

Now that the craziness of the heat and the storms appears to be over, I’m really looking forward to getting a lot done. With luck I’ll have both the MH Copyright and the Show Donation ready for final approval and the resculpt ready for another round of ‘What To Tweak.’ (more…)

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