Live From the Workbench


Just a quick update– I’m running quite a bit behind at this point, so apologies to all!

  • Friesian/ASB Resculpt – pics will be posted to Blab tonight for input, hopefully sculpting/prepping will be completed by this weekend.
  • Park Color Craze Live Show Donation – will be in the mail today. He should have been in the mail a LONG time ago, so he’ll be going out Priority Mail.
  • MH Copyright – has been prepped, primed, and has a basecoat. May or may not be finished before this weekend. *crosses fingers*
  • Little Miss Margins – has sold! Woot! 😀 Waiting on payment and then she’ll be out in the mail as well.
  • Still need to post: G3 Mustang – Watercolor horse, LB Saddlebred – Chestnut Tobiano, G2 Prancing Foal – Black Tobiano Light Draft Cross

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