June 2012 Balance Sheet

June 2012

Another month down, another horse sold! 😀

I’ve now broken into three digits for income for the year, not quite where I wanted to be halfway through the year, but better than last year. (Anything’s always better than nothing. 😉 )

Since I’ve reached the half-way mark for this year it’s time to start looking forward and planning out what to do with the next six months. I’m still drawing a blank on the eBook shelves and I’d love to be able to add those to the Income column!

The Breakdown

Income : $38.43

$38.43 Frost on the Vine

And another horse gallops off into the night… Here’s hoping he’ll get the others ready to run as well. *crosses fingers*

Expenses : -$33.79

$1.20 Etsy Fees
$1.41 PayPal Fees (Frost on the Vine)
$6.20 Shipping (Frost on the Vine)
$24.98 Bluehost (Domain Name)

Yeah, definitely need to start looking at finding cheaper ways to keep all the domain names in service. I’m tempted to start pruning some of them off, but it’s hard to give it up knowing that someone might follow an old link to nowhere.

Time to setup an alert in Google Analytics and see if any of them are in use…

Inventory : -$3.36

$(2.36) Body Cost: Cloudburst
$(1.00) Body Cost: Partly Cloudy

Need. To. Stop. Using. Old. Bodies. ARG! >.< ;;

Taxes : $0.00

Zero again!

To be fair, the only time this is not going to be zero is when I do the Income Taxes at the end of the year, and if I ever sell something to someone living in Virginia.

TOTAL : $1.28

Another positive month, woot! 😀

Now I just need a whole lot more of these to make up lost ground…

Year to Date

$112.78 Income
-$307.64 Expenses
-$152.99 Inventory
-$30.00 Taxes
-$377.88 TOTAL

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