Is Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P) worth the time?

Model Horse Sales Pages vs. Model Horse Blab

As you’ve no doubt noticed, I’ve let my Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P) listings slack off this month. Part of it is because I keep forgetting to post them and part is because I haven’t seen the referral traffic levels I was hoping for.

Traffic from MH$P to my website, per Google, is only 29 people in six months and over half of those were people who’d already stopped by once before. Traffic to the Etsy store was even worse, with only 9 visitors in the same time period.

In both cases I’ve seen more traffic from Model Horse Blab (128 and 76) that the Model Horse Sales Pages, which makes me think it might be worth it to swap my marketing strategy around.

Not that I’m going to pull out of the MH$P arena altogether– it’s still a good place to get some views, but I’m going to swap to a bimonthly post (1st and 15th) rather than a daily one.

But that also means I need to start being more active on Blab, which is probably a good thing. As much fun as it is to paint little tiny horses silly colors– it’s even more fun to share said silliness with friends! 😀

Anyone else seeing better results from other advertising venues? I’m still looking for ways to bring in more eyeballs to the Etsy page…

2 responses to “Is Model Horse Sales Pages (MH$P) worth the time?”

  1. Tracey Leskosky Avatar
    Tracey Leskosky

    It has always been a terrific site. I wish Canada had one as shipping between the countries is disgusting. I miss the days being with my model horse buds painting. Maybe 2x month is the way to go or even weekly. I can’t imagine the work you do.

    1. Martha Bechtel Avatar

      I love window shopping on MH$P, but it really does lean more towards the expensive side of things. As much as I love my little customs the $20 price range is really not what they are geared towards. ^_^;

      I’ve been perfecting the model bases and interchangeable fencing… I’m probably going to give MH$P another try with the props, but I don’t know if I’ll crosspost the horses anymore. 🙂

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