Hashing out the Loglines for August Camp NaNoWriMo

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For this Camp I’m working on finishing my older NaNo novels (or at least figuring out which ones aren’t worth continuing as is). This means I need to start pulling apart what I have and rebuilding it into what it should be.

I’m being brave and starting the outlines/plotting without actually looking at what I wrote the first time around. I figure this way I’ll remember the story I was trying to write versus what actually ended up on the page.

And what better way to start re-plotting than to revist the Loglines? 😀

Loglines (or: One Sentence Summaries)

Dogs of the Never Never: A pack of ghost dogs chose a new human partner to help them stop the dead from coming back to life.

Woven: A girl and her magic spider try to escape to safety as their society turns on them.

When Good is Dumb: A team of Good Guys and Anti-Heroes fight demons and tries to prepare for a thousand years of darkness before the light runs out.

The Sundering: Various groups of humans and aliens try to survive as parts of their two worlds are interchanged.

In Dreams of Trees: Various groups try to both destroy and save a city that made of portals between alternate realities.

That Don’t Impress Me Much: An apprentice baker and her clairvoyant foxhawk try and stop an invading army.

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