Friesian/Saddlebred Custom – Part III

Friesian 07-06-12 Right

Sculpting, round three– fight! (Part I, Part II)

This time the only change is to the tail, which I tweaked so it lies flat against the ground– I hadn’t noticed that it was slightly off from flat until the customer pointed it out. That’ll teach me to not work on level surfaces! 😛

As always, click to embiggen and additional photos available upon request.

Friesian 07-06-12 Tail

Since the table I was working on wasn’t level I moved to the bookshelf, but only after checking the shelf with an actual level to make sure I wasn’t going to repeat the mistake. (Doh)

I added material to the bottom and extended the tail so that it lays flat. Not sure if the customer will want me to trim the tail back to the original length, but I figured it’s simpler to take off material than add on. (It was also a lot easier to make sure the tail laid flat if I have the extra length to help hold the paper I was working on flat.)

Friesian 07-06-12 Overlay

She’d also asked me to try and make the chest more accurate, but after much back and forth with the various reference pics I ended up in a bit of quandary.

As you can see by the overlay, the real horse has a much broader body than the saddlebred mold. In order to make the chest true to a Friesian I’d end up cutting the horse in half to lift the top half up to where it needs to be and then resculpting the entire torso/back… and that’s just not where my skills are at yet. 🙁

Hopefully this won’t put a kibosh on the order, but we’ll see. *crosses fingers*

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