Coming Home Again

View of Maine from the Game Room

I’ve mentioned the cabin in Maine before, although not nearly as frequently as I should. It was my yearly haven from the world as a kid– we’d come up every year in the months before school and just soak in the ocean and the vast glorious lack of Things That Need Doing(tm).

It’s pretty hard to get stressed out about much when the waves are singing their happy slow song along the rocky beach and you have friends and family demanding you come play board games with them RIGHT NOW KTHNXBAI. *happy sighs* (Plus: cheap lobster and fresh blueberries FTW!)

It’s been fifteen years since I was here last, which is just shy of half a lifetime too long.

Phooey on being a grownup– I’m going to start taking vacations again! ๐Ÿ˜€

Martha Bechtel

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