Tuning Out the Static (or: Midyear Resolutions)

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I love Memebase.

And Cracked. And Regretsy. And Failblog. And television. And a whole lot of things that, in the end, don’t amount to much. (Although Facebook does have some redeeming qualities.)

Unlike Diablo and Warcraft, where I can point to the number of miles walked (and HealthMile steps earned), I have nothing to show for these timesinks. What I do have is long To-Do List that didn’t get done and a sense of frustration at my past self.

So starting tonight, I’m turning it all off.

I’ve gathered the IPs for the websites and edited the settings so they all reroute to my website (where I should be writing content instead). I’ve unplugged the TV and taken the batteries out of the remotes so that it’s more trouble than it’s worth to put it back together.

I have absolutely no idea if this will make me more productive, but I figure if my only procrastination option is cleaning the house… then it’s sort of a win-win either way. *crosses fingers*

Martha Bechtel

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