Saturday Story Prompts [2012.06.23]

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1. Everyone had piled to the other side of the boat in a panic and the deckhands were desperately trying to push them back before the ship capsized.

2. “You move too quickly for me to care,” said the vampire apologetically. “I blink and your life goes by, two blinks and it’s your daughter’s daughter that’s come to curry favor. Generations of you have shown up at my door and I grow weary of the game.”

3. The circus came to town in the autumn months for those few weeks when the fields took care of themselves. They’d apprentice us and any adults who’d felt the knack to learn a thing or two about the carnivals.

4. I never asked her where he’d gone, she’d grown so old so quick and I left her to bear that secret alone.

5. Quiet was hard to come by in the city. It wasn’t impossible, just expensive, and between the two of them they scraped up enough to buy a little peace to sleep in.


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I never asked her where he’d gone. Saturday Story Prompt. June 23, 2012
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